Our Why

We got into technology because we loved it, and stayed because we could make a difference.

Jacob Smith


Zac Smith


Areas of Interest

We’re interested in people working across the technology ecosystem, but especially in the ‘picks and shovels’ that power platforms.

A background in internet infrastructure means we’re fascinated by the intersection of physical and digital. Our preference is to support people who see value in working in the open, and who do well by doing good. Sustainability, diversity of thought, and elevating new voices. We’re inspired by innovators that make the tent bigger and more inclusive, while having a positive impact on the world.


The humans we’re invested in are doing great things.


In addition to direct investments, we work with small funds that are aligned to our mission. Life is better with friends!


What we’ve got bookmarked

How to Operate a SaaS Startup by David Sacks

Strategic Courage in the Age of Volatility by Michael Birshan, Ishaan Seth, and Bob Sternfels in the McKinsey Quarterly

Is Carbon the Right Metric for Developers to Optimize by David Mytton

What PLG Means to Marketing by René Bonvanie on the Battery Ventures blog

Lessons, Patterns & Mistakes from a 3x Entrepreneur by Bob Tinker on the Work-Bench blog.

The New Breed: How to Think About Robots by Kate Darling.